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Semantic UI react mapper provides components from Semantic UI react.

npm install --save @data-driven-forms/suir-component-mapper


yarn add @data-driven-forms/suir-component-mapper

Semantic UI react library is an external dependency and will not be installed with the mapper. Make sure that Semantic UI react is installed in your project.

Semantic UI react mapper provides an option to validate a field when the component is mounted. Just set validateOnMount to true.

component: 'text-field',
name: 'required-field',
validate: [{type: 'required'}],
validateOnMount: true

This field will show the error immediately.

All components accept all other props described in Semantic UI react documentation. You can find prop names for each component in component definition section of this documentation when the SUIR mapper is selected. You can start by looking at checkbox example.

To avoid re-refining common customization for each field in schema, check out the global component props section.