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Carbon Component Mappers provides components from IBM's Carbon Design System.

npm install --save @data-driven-forms/carbon-component-mapper


yarn add @data-driven-forms/carbon-component-mapper

Carbon has to be installed seperately. Please follow their guidelines.

Ant Design provides an option to validate a field when the component is mounted. Just set validateOnMount to true.

component: 'text-field',
name: 'required-field',
validate: [{type: 'required'}],
validateOnMount: true

This field will show the error immediately.

Carbon doesn't provide a component that is searchable but not clearable and vice versa. Therefore, if one of these two options is turned on, it automatically triggers the other.

No known workaround.

Possible workaround: reimplement Carbon select as we did for PF4/PF3

Components that do not support helperText natively are wrapped in a div element. To pass props to this div, please use WrapperProps prop.

Wrapped components:

  • Single checkbox
  • DatePicker
  • Slider
  • Switch
  • TimePicker